Knee Calf & Ankle Splints

Our company is one of the leading knee calf and ankle manufacturers and suppliers in India Our woven cotton knee calf and ankle are manufactured with the best quality fabric, which is obtained from the trusted suppliers. Keeping customers' needs in mind, we fulfill its design and construction.

Our Main Products
  • 401 Knee Brace (Long) Premium
  • 402 Knee Brace (Short) Premium
  • 401 A Knee Brace (Long) Deluxe
  • 402 A Knee Brace (Short) Deluxe
  • 408 Elastic Ankle Binder
  • 409 Elastic Knee Support (Premium)
  • 409 A Elastic Knee Support (Hinged) with Hole
  • 404 Knee Support (Hinged) Premium
Elastic Tubular Knee Support
    Code:- OML-2122
  • Made from soft yarns for comfort and will not loosen after prolonged use, as it is made from imported heat resistant rubber.
  • Gives mild support and warmth, Ideal for arthritic conditions, Aids stiff, swollen and painful knee caused by weakness or strains.
Elastic Tubular Knee Support With Hinges
    Code:- OML-2123
  • Woven from high quality, long staple cotton yarn.
  • Hinges on the lateral sides provide extra support to the injured muscle.
  • Support and warmth to weak or painful knees.
  • Control painful knee movement.
  • Post operative care of the knee.
  • Preventive care in sports activites.
  • Size:- S, M, L, XL
Elastic Knee Support With Hinges
    Code:- OML-2124
  • Wide elastic base with velcro buckle combination to give proper compression.
  • Patellar opening provided.
  • Two lateral hinges provided.
  • Anterior patella hole provided
  • Mild compression support for strains and sprains, Post operative support, Arthritis, Sports injuries.
  • Size:- S, M, L, XL
Elastic Tubular Knee Support With Center Hole
    Code:- OML-2125
  • Soft yarn elastic combination to give soft and comfortable compression.
  • Heat resistant rubber used.
  • Covers the patella.
  • Mild support to the injured knee in cases of strains and sprains, Soft tissue injuries, For stiff swollen and painful knee conditions, Arthritic conditions.
  • Size:- S, M, L, XL
Elastic Knee Support
    Code:- OML-2126
  • Elastic base with velcro closure to give required amount of compression.
  • Semi-rigid compression support.
  • Closed patella system.
  • Arthritic pain, Atheletic support, Rheumatic pain.
  • Size:- S, M, L, XL
Functional Knee Support
    Code:- OML-2127
  • Excellent quality elastic 9" width forms the main body of the support.
  • Anterior petella hole and posterior cut-out are provided to avoid bunching.
  • Non-surgical management of injured knee.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitative support to the healing knee.Compression and support to prevent mild strain and sprain that may occur due to activities of daily living.
  • To control painful knee movements in the case or arthritis.
  • Size:- S, M, L, XL
Thigh Band
    Code:- OML-2128
  • Elastic and velcro combination to give proper compression.
  • Shaped to give tubular structure.
  • Compression support in case of hamstring pull, Quadriceps muscle strain.
Elastic Tubular Ankle Support
    Code:- OML-2129
  • Soft yarn combination to give soft and comfortable compression
  • Heat resistant rubber used.
  • Mid support to injured ankle in cases of strains and sprains.
  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • For stiff swollen painfull ankle.
  • Size:- S, M, L, XL